Engaging, Creative
Social Media Posting
For Travel Agents

With the majority of adult internet users currently on Facebook, travel agents should be embracing this media channel. At Passport Online, we try to make e-marketing easier for travel agents and now we have added a social media service. Developed exclusively for travel agents, ESP social media experts select relevant content that posts on your business Facebook page at designated times each day. ESP is proven to increase likes, shares and comments based on the curated content selected. The content selection engages your Facebook fans and creates interaction. We'll help make Facebook posting part of your day, not part of your stress.


Here's how it works:

  • All posts will be available for previewing
  • Choose the frequency of posts
  • Opt out is available for any post
  • Posts will be made on the specified date and time
"Within my first month as an ESP customer, I received a trip request from someone who I have known for 20 years and haven’t talked to in over 10 – saying 'they have been watching all my pictures' — AND another client (cold contact) who asked me for a big Family Trip – who said she 'SAW' my pictures on her friend’s page. As much as I think I did a good job on Facebook, I credit Passport's ESP with those two leads that turned into CLOSED bookings. And that was just in one day. I know ESP is making Facebook a business generator for me! "

— Shari Kavalin Elegant Escapes, LLC CONTACT US