Nexcite2 For Host Agencies
A website solution for Hosts and their ICs

Passport has developed several versions of Nexcite2 specifically for Host Agencies. In all of these versions, the Host maintains the ability to publish content to all Agent websites through the use of a Master Site. This Master Site provides inherited content for the Agent websites. When a change is made to the master site, all Agent websites immediately receive those updates.


3 Programs to choose from:

  • Level 1 — Replicated Site – Host controls the Master site. ICs update personal contact info only.
  • Level 2 — Replicated Site with unique customization on Home page & About us page for each IC including adding logos and selecting from multiple templates.
  • Level 3 — White Label - Agent has full Nexcite2 with inherited content from the Host.

Level 1 Features

  • Fully customized master website for the Host Agency
  • Attractive professional replicated web sites for individual agents
  • Ability to manage all of your agents' sites from a single interface
  • Marketing tools to promote Host Agency preferred suppliers
  • Agent contact information on their site
  • Robust content, updated daily

Level 2 — Additional Features

  • Ability to add logo
  • Add agent informational text on home page up to 2000 characters
  • Add unique content on About Us page up to 2000 characters
  • Choice of 9 templates and multiple color schemes

Level 3 Features

  • Full NexCite2 functionality
  • Host controls supplier filters
  • Split control of some pages


Pricing for each program is available.
For more information on all three Levels, please contact us.