Our suite of supplier programs and products

It’s an easy decision. Let Passport Online deliver your message electronically to agents and directly to their clients – at lower costs and with higher effectiveness than the alternatives. Reach qualified travelers and agents for pennies each! We challenge you to find a more cost-effective advertising channel anywhere.

How? We power both agent and consumer facing leisure travel websites. We market to both agents and their clients.

By participating in the Passport Online program, suppliers can reach more than 20,000 travel agents and millions of their loyal and valuable agency clients – qualified leisure travelers - without the need for agent to take action.

Social Media

Passport Online has launched a social media toolkit for agencies, helping agents extend the power of their website into social media. Suppliers participating in the Passport Online program automatically tap into this growing marketing tool in several ways. Supplier content on agency websites is repurposed on a daily basis by agents in their Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social media initiatives. And in 2010, we launched the first-ever Supplier Guest Blogging program, for participating suppliers to take their message directly to consumers through their agency's social media channels.

Tapping into this powerful E-Marketing network is easy

And the best news, we will do all the work! Our approach is to make it easy for suppliers to tap into this large agent and consumer e-marketing network. Once a supplier enters into an ongoing subscription agreement, our team of content editors and engineers will work to automate the continuous distribution of supplier content and promotions, requiring little to no supplier support resource.

Our email marketing team will work with you to create custom consumer and agent email campaigns for delivery on demand.

Our customers say:

“Funjet Vacations has worked with Passport Online for several years to provide valuable tools to travel professionals. We've been impressed by the reach of Passport Online's website solutions for travel agents nationwide, and have found their agent-to-consumer e-mail programs to be excellent. Passport Online and Funjet Vacations share the goal of providing tools that allow travel professionals to showcase their value and provide their clients with unforgettable vacation experiences.”

— Mike Going
President Funjet Vacations


Agencies need to market to their clients through all channels, including online. More and more clients are visiting their agencies website to research travel. Many like to receive regular email promotions and a whole new breed of clients are choosing to follow their agency's through social media programs like Facebook and Twitter. Agencies need help with all of these marketing initiatives and that is what Passport Online provides, both the online marketing tools, pro-active training and updated product content.

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