Tandem - Cruise Booking Engine

The competitive advantage in cruise booking
for consumers and agents.

Tandem is designed to give your customer a powerful integrated shopping and booking experience. It gives shoppers the chance to search and compare cruise products within NexCite or VacationPort — and book online with real-time inventory availability.

Tandem is powered with content from Passport Online's VacationPort cruise database and includes e-marketing tools that will increase your "reach", reduce marketing expenses and maximize the opportunity to close the sale.

Expanded marketing tools through innovative solutions

Add Tandem to your existing website through the VacationPort or NexCite website solutions.

Tandem features

Tandem benefits

The perfect tools to complement Tandem*

Contact us today and find out how this competitively priced booking engine of the future can help you today, or complete the Tandem Registration form.

*You must have a VacationPort or NexCite subscription to use Tandem.

Our customers say:

“I'm a Passport Online Customer and with their newest product, they have seen the future. Tandem is a booking engine for the future. The agent of the future is going to be a graphical agent. She is not going to be a format driven agent. That is also where our consumer is. Our consumer does not want to read a lot of text. They want verbiage kept to a minimum. Travel is visual. And I believe with this product, Passport figured that out. Throughout their product delivery is that understanding that basically and fundamentally buying travel should be a visual experience. They have produced a product that looks pretty and yet contains everything needed to make an educated decision.”

— Sharon Bernhardt
Owner Westside International Travel at Altour


Staying competitive in the travel industry demands a strong web presence. Passport Online makes it simple with the most innovative, effective website tools in the leisure travel marketplace. These affordable, flexible products enhance your web presence and service opportunities for your clients. Contact us to schedule a Tandem demo.

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