Jeanne Colombo


Jeanne Colombo currently resides in New Jersey and, as a native Oregonian, feels privileged to be leading a company from her home state whose products and services are so integral to the travel industry [...]

Randy Goodrich

Senior Vice President

Passport Online Co-Founder and board member Randy Goodrich leads the destination and supplier programs helping to deliver content directly through travel advisors to the traveling public. Goodrich also leads the expansion of Host Agency programs for the organization [...]

Andrew Borst

Vice President Technology

Andrew joined Passport Online in April 2013 bringing over 15 years of experience in IT and Software Development from helpdesk support to provisioning cloud solutions. He has experience in designing a range of applications for small startups up to large enterprise client solutions [...]

Sarah Bauman

Director Product Solutions

Sarah is a graduate of the Oregon Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Applications Development with a minor in Marketing - always with the goal to find a role that combines her passion for business and technology [...]

Andy Baethke

Director Content Engineering

Andy has been with Passport Online for over a decade and has held several roles during his tenure. After working for many years in web development/design, defect management and ETL development, he now oversees the Content department ...